When an area wide disaster like a hurricane, flood or tornado impacts a region, it may be more than one business or neighbor that has been affected, it may be the entire community. Before large scale catastrophic storms hit a region, we prepare and monitor the storm before it strikes so that we can immediately move into an area and start the recovery process.

CAT 5 Restoration, a division of KUSTOM will send in our highly trained disaster recovery experts to assess damages and start the recovery process so that you can get back to how it was before the storm affected your lives and businesses. Our business is to get you back in business and we can work with you on maintaining your business while we are cleaning up the mess. At CAT 5 Restoration, a division of KUSTOM, we pride ourselves on how we will help you recover from the storm.

Catastrophic Recovery Services

Damage Assessment

Board Up and Roof Tarps

Structural Stabilization


Debris Removal